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 Jenna Claire Danvers

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Jenna Danvers


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PostSubject: Jenna Claire Danvers   Tue Aug 04, 2009 5:49 pm

Name: Jenna Claire Danvers
Nicknames: Jen, Jenner
Gender: Female
Year AND Age: 5 and 15
Preferred houses (state 2): Gryffindor or Ravenclaw
Birthday - Month/Day/Year: June 19
Blood Status: Half
Race: (vampire/werewolf, witch/wizard) Witch
In the order of phonenix, death eater or neutral? Neutral
Animagus? (veiw the registration at http://beforetherebellion.forumotion.com/sing-up-f4/animagus-regestration-t53.htm#366) Mountain Lion

Height: 5'5
Hair: brown
Eye color: brown
Skin: tan
Build: petite
Other distinguishing features: None

Personality(one paragraph): Jenna likes to put her friends before herself and at times, let's her bravery cloud her thinking. She'd rather jump in and think later, which isn't always a good thing. She enjoys hanging out with friends and having adventures.
Skills (name 4): Potions, Astronomy, Defense against the dark arts, Sining
Weaknesses (name 4): Boys, love, at times her thinking, quiditch
Likes (name 4): Defense against the dark arts, singing, Astronomy, Potions, making friends, shopping
Dislikes (name 4): know it alls, most Slytherins, when girls act like sluts, when people don't act like who they really are

Motto: Act like yourself, and no one else

Father: Michael Danvers
Mother: Eve Danvers
Brother/Sisters: Shane, Michael, and Noah

History(two paragraph):
Jenna is the only girl in her family, she was raised to be herself and never act like she was someone else. She always enjoyed singing, even when she was just little. She enjoys hanging out with her brothers and friends and loves to duel. She is, for girls, unbelievably brave, except when it comes to boys, and sometimes doesn't think actions threw before jumping into them.

She spends most of her time hanging out with friends and loves to make new friends, but when she has an interest in a boy it's hard for her to make her move. She's had bad experiences with them and it has taught her to not throw her heart out on a silver platter.
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Jade Green

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House: Slytherin

PostSubject: Re: Jenna Claire Danvers   Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:01 pm

Welcome to Gryffindor!


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Jenna Claire Danvers
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