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 Unbreakable Vow

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Danica Padalecki


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PostSubject: Unbreakable Vow   Sat Jan 16, 2010 6:52 pm

How it all happened!!

A lot can happen in a day. Harry Potter defeated Voldemort in a battle that lasted
a full twenty-four hours. Even more can happen in a month. In a month, Harry
Potter discovered that the reason Lord Voldemort seemed so invincible was
because he split his soul six times. As time rolls on, more and more events
happen. Within one year, four seventeen year old wizards destroyed four of the
six Horcruxes binding Voldemort to the earth. And within ten years of that, the
heroes of the Wizarding World had established families. But while the heroes were
rebuilding their lives, the Ministry of Magic had to rebuild as well. Kingsley Shackle
bolt was a quite able Minister--however, after a few years, he retired. He was
growing older, and wanted someone who could make better choices than he to
take the seat of power. From Kingsley’s successor and on, the Wizarding World
slipped farther into chaos.

The worst to happen

Everything fell out of balance. The Wizarding World was at war within itself. And
yet, there was still a bigger problem. The Muggles of London are not idiots, as
most witches and wizards believe. After a few years of peace and now the sudden
uprising, the Muggles have been hearing the strange rumors. They heard that the
Minister of Magic was being replaced again. And the only thing that registered in
their minds was “magic.” The easy way out would be to cast memory charms,
right? Wrong. The Ministry is falling apart, and no longer upholds much authority.
Not only are the Muggles prying into the lives of magical folk--some are even
protesting through violent means, out of fear, jealousy, and greed--

The reason for the rise

Merrick admired Voldemort but then what boy does not admire his father?
He loved the way people had bowed to his will and the power that he had gained,
but he was just a small child and too young to be a follower of the dark lord.
But now the 26 year old is on the rise and succeeding where Voldemort had failed.
He didn't have to focus on one boy for his plot,
but of course he would still have to put up with the other enemies Voldemort had faced
His plan was simple, he would rule the entire Wizarding world and then with his great power
he would enslave the muggle world, but the wizarding world is trying to keep him from that,
they are all competing to get Lucius Malfoy out of the ministry with whichever means necessary,
including violence and foul play. What with the Muggle attacks, and the new leader rising,
the world as we know it is beginning to fall away.

Rise of the new Lord

Merrick's rise to power was helped by the powerful name of the Frosters, Cormac's
and the Malfoy's and because of his connection to those families he had everything
he needed including a pair dark temptresses at his side, Davina Froster and
Anya Cormac, his top supporters along with Lucius and Draco Malfoy.
With Lucius the new Minister of magic, Merrick get's what he wants .
Both worlds fear the power that Merrick and the three families hold in their very palms.

Will it ever come to an end?

Peace and harmony have disappeared, replaced with uncertainty and fear.
Muggles fear magic, or want magical solutions. Wizards and witches can't do a
thing to stop them, for fear of actually hurting them. Is it time to run away, finding
somewhere only we know? Or should the world face the problems between races,
and learn to compromise and accept? It’s all up to you because you may learn that
it’s time to fight

Unbreakable Vow!?

this plot was thought of by
carly ! of caution and RPGU.
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Unbreakable Vow
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