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 Almeda Aspasia Green

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Almeda Green


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PostSubject: Almeda Aspasia Green   Thu Sep 10, 2009 9:32 pm

In Character

Name: Almeda Aspasia Green
Nicknames: Meda (only her husband calls her that!)
Gender: Female
Year AND Age:graduated AND 36
Preferred houses (state 2): Slytherin Graduate
Birthday - Month/Day/Year: Feb 14th, 1960
Blood Status: Pure Blood

Hair: long blond hair sometimes straight or curly mainly curly
Eye color: Sapphire blue
Build: very good looking for her age has a model figure
Other distinguishing features: Dark mark on her arm

Personality(one paragraph): To some Almeda may seem very cold hearted and what some call a royal bitch but once you get to know her she's very nice and sweet. But never cross her she very skilled at Dark Magic as well as DADA. Almeda is very protective of her family and will do anything to protect especially her baby girl Jade. Almeda is very stubborn and Cunning and can be very rude and cold hearted if she needs to be which is usually just this way if she's with the Voldemort. Almeda can be very emotional about things especially the way Voldemort treats her Sons and Daughter and Harry. Almeda is very loyal and brave as well as very smart. She's a very caring Mother and Wife who loves her family to death.

- Dark Magic AND DADA
- Potions
- telling if people are lying
- Taking care of her family
- being a caring mother and wife

- seeing her family doing Voldemort wishes
- being loyal to Voldemort
- being a double spy
- seeing her family tortured by Voldemort (it tares her apart and makes her mad!)


- Her family
- her daughter Jade (her favorite out of her children but she treats them all equally)
- Cooking (Yes she's a very good cook!)
- Potions

- People hurting her family
- Evil Slytherins
- Doing Dark magic
- liars and backstabbers

Motto: "Life has many twists and turns and will knock you down, but don't let drag you down completely!"


Father: Achilles Greengrass
Mother:Aspasia (Danver)Greengrass
Brother:Adonis Greengrass
Sisters: none

History(two paragraph or more): Almeda Aspasia (Greengrass) Green was born Feb 14th, 1960 on a wintery day which is also known as Valentine's Day. At the age of eleven she got accepted into Hogwarts and got sorted into Slyhterin just like her brother and sisters and her farther. As years passed Almeda made Slytherin Prefect in her fifth year and started going out with Alair who been her best friend since her first year who made prefect as well. In Almeda's sixth year Alair asked her to marry but decided to married at the end of there seventh year. As a year passed she made Head Girl as well as her boyfriend Alair as Head Boy.

On April 1,1978 Gerald, Gerard and Nicole were born a month before Almeda and Alair Graduated but they still completed school after having three babies. After Almeda had Gerald, Gerard and Nicole she decided to go to school to be a Healer but had to take a break once she was pregnant with Lucy and Susan. Almeda had Lucy and Susan Dec 31st 1979 on a cold wintery day on New Years Eve. As a year passed Almeda had Jade on that horrible night when James and Lily Potter were killed. Almeda tried to help the Potter's and tried to save them but she went into labor with Jade when she tried to help them. Almeda thinks it was her fault the Potter's died for she wasn't there to warn them about Voldemort doing when she found out.

Short Role play(one paragraph): Almeda Green walked through the Green Mansion happily until she heard shouting coming from what seems to be coming from Susan's room. Sighing she knew it was Susan and Nicole fighting. Rushing up to Susan's room her sapphire flashed angrily for she hated them fighting. "Nicole Lillian Green and Susan Almeda Green stop fighting now!"shouted Almeda angrily as they stopped fighting. "Now, what started the fight? Nicole lets hear your side first and don't interrupt her Susan."said Almeda calmly.

As Nicole told her side of the story about Susan calmly she was always right about her vision she nodded and sighed. "Ok Susan, tell me your now and Nicole don't interrupt her." said Almeda calmly. As Susan told her side of the story and her vision she nodded. " Listen you two, you two have to learn to get along your sisters and I won't have you two biting each other heads off, Now Nicole you have to believe your sister and stop judging her and Susan your vision aren't always right sweetie for the future changes but you know what will come."said Almeda calmly. As they nodded she looked at the both of them.

"Now you two say sorry to each other and hug and mean it!"said Almeda waiting for them to hug like they mean it. As they said sorry and hugged like they meant it she smiled. "Good, now wash up for dinner for it will be ready in five minutes."said Almeda as walked out of the room.

Did you PM the admin the site password? (which Admin) Yes Jade Green
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Jade Green

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PostSubject: Re: Almeda Aspasia Green   Fri Sep 11, 2009 6:09 pm

Welcome to the site!


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Almeda Aspasia Green
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